Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random Acts in Canberra

So I begin in Our Nation's Capital, a humble little planned city with enough charm, bureaucracy, public art, world-class education, roundabouts and politicians to drive anyone crazy. Here are some examples:

Some charming graffiti at the entrance to a park I walk through every day. Littered with dells, groves and mysterious and probably Highly Symbolic public sculptures, Glebe Park is an interesting melting pot of trendy teenagers, Pacific Islander dancers, lost toddlers and the occasional Shady Occupant clutching a brown paper bag.

An unexpectedly touching inscription on a bench in aforementioned park. 

Leftover birthday balloons from someone's 21st dotting the roof of the mall. Depressing, enigmatic, beautiful.

The view from the hill exactly halfway between Parliament house and the War Memorial (the luminous white building in the distance). The symmetrical and earnest symbolism of Canberra's structure is a constant source of exasperation for me. While at times, I admit, it is quite striking and promotes this lovely sense of patriotism (blah blah), I just can't shake the notion that all those clean lines and concentric circles were just created to look pretty from the air.

And finally, another Hidden Treasure. I stumbled upon it while having an After Dinner Explore with my petit ami. 

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